Be Patient with Increasing Traffic to Your Blog
Readers ask me all the time about ways to increase traffic.  They see the success of a few of my sites and they believe that there is some secret to getting traffic that I’m not sharing.  They want to know what I do to rank high on keywords within Google, whether I pay for advertising… (0 comment)

There is No Rush to Put Advertisements on Our Blogs
Many people add advertisements to their blogs and try to monetize the site as soon as it is up. The time when there are practically no visitors and hence no money to be made. The temptation is obvious. We don’t want to leave money on the table. When we should start adding ads is one… (0 comment)

Whether We Should Blog Once or Multiple Times a Day
How often we should post on our blogs for maximum effectiveness is always a question that I get asked. There are many people that think posting multiple times a day is the way to go while there are equally as many people that think posting once a day is the optimal.  Here are the common… (0 comment)