4 Steps Towards Successful Online Entrepreneurial Decision Making

There seem to be more and more respectable people telling you what the best way to make money online is. Brian Clark says to think of the future and that Teaching Sells. Ed Dale says buying and selling websites is a hot market at the moment and at the same time we are given the timeless advices from Probloggers in Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind about how blogging is a great way to make money online.

With So Many Gurus Poking You In Different Directions What’s A Blogger To Do?!

4 Steps Towards Successful Online Entrepreneurial Decision MakingYou can think of success as collecting a pearl held captive in a clamshell down at the bottom of the sea. You could keep trying to swim down to get it over and over again, barely giving enough time between each attempt to catch your breath until you give up.


You can go back to shore, tell a couple of trustworthy friends about it and figure out a way to work together to get the pearl to the surface.

Method For Making Important Entrepreneurial Decisions

1. Take a few days off to get out of any blogging routines that may be preventing you from adapting and starting new projects. During this time there must be no secret brainstorming or dwelling on what to do. Not taking the time out is like trying to come up with a brilliant idea to get the pearl while still treading water far out at sea.

2. Spend a couple of days brainstorming and get all your ideas written down. I suggest having a casual read of 63 Constructive Opinions on the Best Way to Make Money Online at Dosh Dosh. I emphasise casual because if any of the 63 people who left their ideas there actually thought they were good enough to make big money online, they would have done it themselves rather than telling everyone else about it, although there are plenty of ideas to build upon there.

3. Develop your ideas by chatting to like-minded blogging contacts who you know also have big aspirations. Talk to the ones you can trust about your ideas and get feedback and possibly find JV partners.

4. Make your decision and stick to it. Kristopher Jones, The CEO of PepperJamSearchprofoundly said on Next Internet Millionaire; “your experience will be different if you approach it with absolute certainty“. This stood out to me as an important life lesson. After all if you have a fantastic plan but you don’t believe in it, you are unlikely to carry it out fully.


With so many success stories appearing each day I find it impossible to simply stick with a simple blogging plan and my aims keep getting higher and higher as milestones are reached. The most important thing is to start at number 1 and continue the journey, rather than treading water until it is too late.

P.S. For more entrepreneur tips see Dragons’ Den Success.


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