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4 Timeless Ways To Grow Your Online Earnings

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1. Keep adding to your portfolio of sites. This is a way of continually investing in future ventures. That is what working online is all about so that you are never stuck “trading hours for dollars”. This doesn’t mean you always have to be thinking creatively and writing content. For example I simply bought several domains and installed WordPress a few months ago and now they already have decent rankings in the SERPS even without any proper content or links. It is easy to forget that time is one of the most important factors in the Google algorithm.

4 Timeless Ways To Grow Your Online Earnings

2. Keep learning new skills. Perhaps the first online skill you learned was setting up a blog with hosting and your own domain, then it was learning your way around WordPress, then SEO and other blogging skills. Perhaps the next skill should be web design or programming. Growing your skills adds more flexibility to your working day, making it more profitable and also more varied and interesting.

3. Always have something productive to do yourself. This sounds obvious but it’s a problem I’ve encountered during scaling my niche blogging network in my online business. Never leave yourself in the position where you have nothing to do because you are waiting on someone else.

4. Grow an email list. I’m sure you’ve heard top email marketers say the phrase, “the money is in the list“. They are right, an email list makes easy money compared to blogging. Not starting an email list sooner is the single biggest regret I have about blogging. It can seem daunting to get started with an auto responder and finding out how to increase subscribers, but it is all very simple and as long as your blog has a little traffic people will join your list – especially if you offer an incentive such as a free e-book. I strongly recommend starting your email list right now using Aweber.

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