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5 Killer Tips For Planning A Social Media Marketing Campaign

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If you are ready to launch a social media campaign, you need to set out a proper plan of attack to get the best overall results for your business. Using your marketing ideas to set goals, researching opportunities, defining your strategy, executing your strategy with consistency and monitoring your results is the key to leveraging this marketing strategy to make the most from the market.

5 Killer Tips For Planning A Social Media Marketing Campaign

5 Killer Tips For Planning A Social Media Marketing Campaign

1. Set a Specific Social Media Business Goal

Like anything in business, the more specific of a plan you can have, the better your results will be. If you are ready to launch a social media campaign, set out some specific targets to achieve in this marketing arena. Set a website traffic goal – what will you consider effective to receive as a result of this campaign? Next, determine what level of revenue increase you will need to consider this marketing campaign a success. After you have set these two targets, determine how you will launch and how you will participate in social media techniques.

2. Research Social Networks

With so many social networking sites to choose from, it is important to research and select the best matches for you and your business. I have seen many business owners try to spread themselves too thin when they market, causing them not to get much lift, if any at all in their business revenues. I would recommend choosing 2-5 social networking sites that have a high volume of traffic and that seem to be a good fit for your market segment. If you do well with those over a few months, consider adding more.

3. Define your Strategy

Before you just start going nuts with marketing on social network sites, determine what your plan of attack is. How are you going to reach prospects? How are you going to get people to click back to your sites? What is your credibility strategy for the current site members – knowing that people will buy things from people that they trust? Give some serious thought to this before you get started.

4. Execute your Strategy with Consistency

The Biggest mistake that I see with business owners and this strategy is that people get really excited initially about this marketing medium and then within a few months, they forget to log back in or to make new posts. The online community is very fickle and the efforts that you put in initially will go to waste if you don’t keep it up. Schedule regular time in your calendar to post content and to talk with people on each site – this will yield you the best pick up in results.

5. Monitor your Results

Without data, you don’t have much to go on in terms of marketing. Track your data using the site tools as well as look into social network software that is designed to help with this particular purpose. Use the data that you collect to determine the strategies that are working and which are not. There will always be something to change – marketing is dynamic.

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