7 Ways to Create Exposure for Your Blog

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7 Ways to Create Exposure for Your Blog

Whether you are a new blogger or have been blogging for ages, there is always the need to reach more people and increase your exposure. Getting your brand out there and generating traffic is something every webmaster strives to do. If you’re on the quest to increase your visibility and make your name known, then read these seven tips to get some great ideas and learn how to do so.

1. Develop relationships with other bloggers.

If you want to draw attention and exposure to your blog, develop relationships and communicating with other bloggers in your niche is probably the most important thing you can do. Subscribe to other blogs and comment on their articles, and always link out to other posts and pages. Bloggers notice when someone is a loyal reader of their site and is always commenting and linking to them. Establish friendships and get your name and brand out there. Not only does doing this help you gather your own loyal readers and have your site spread, but you also have people who will be willing to help you in a time of need, or participate in projects you might hold in the future.

2. Guest blog on other sites.

Guest blogging is also a pretty powerful technique. You might wonder why you would bother wasting your quality time and ideas by giving them to someone else, but often times doing this is even more beneficial than using those ideas on your own site. By writing for someone else’s blog, you are reaching a whole new audience, a whole new group of people that could become potential readers of your own blog.

3. Write linkbait articles and pillar posts.

The articles that are the most successful are the ones that are of great quality, look like the writer spent plenty of time on them, offer something unique, and have a catchy title – and of course, the writing, spelling, and grammar has to be of good English as well. Great examples of pillar posts or linkbait articles that would become successful include one that might list 101 resources or 50 great ideas, with a great title or headline to match. People love reading articles where all of the best information is compiled and organized into one place, and they’ll be more than willing to share those resources with their friends and other bloggers.

4. Become active in forums and other communities.

Every single niche has a forum or community if you look hard enough for it, no matter what you’re blogging about. And some of those forums have thousands upon thousands of members. By registering and becoming active in a forum, you can develop relationships with all those members and find some new loyal readers for your blog. Spend time helping other forum members and answering their questions. Prove that you are an expert in your field, and it’ll be hard NOT to gather some new readers and friends by participating in forum communities.

5. Implement social media and networking on your blog.

Social media is very powerful. Sites like StumbleUpon can send thousands of visitors to your content in a matter of hours, and that power isn’t even difficult to harness. Sign up on social media and networking sites and starting communicating with other users that are in your niche. Make friends on those sites while submitting and voting for your content, and other bloggers’ content, all the while. Promoting your articles using social media is very easy, especially if you have others bloggers you can share it with. The snowball effect can easily be created and send you plenty of traffic and create exposure.

6. Give away something for free.

Many people draw plenty of attention by giving something away for free on their blog. Whether it be contests for money, free advertising space, giving free links, or offering a service or talent you are good at for no charge, people notice. Your blog can generate plenty of exposure if you implement giveaways and contests properly. People will recommend you to their friends and often come back to your blog for months or years to come if they remember you as being a helpful and intelligent blogger.

7. Do something different and unique.

Look at all of the most famous and popular bloggers in your niche. Did they get where they are for no reason? Of course not! You need to set some time aside and think of what you’re good at, and then use those talents to do something unique and different, something that hasn’t been done before. If you’re an artist, draw sketches of your favorite bloggers. If you can write songs and poetry, or sing, then do so about a popular site or blog in your field. Actions like that turn heads, and soon enough you could be seeing more attention than you can handle. Be extremely creative and don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary, because doing the same things everyone else does isn’t going to get your blog or brand noticed.

You aren’t going to get your blog noticed by sitting back and waiting for the hoards of visitors to come to you – you have to work for it. If you write quality content that people want to read, network with others, and get your name out there, then your blog could become popular in no time. All it takes is some dedication and determination.


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