Art Vs Science: 5 Reasons Blogging Is A Science

Here is something for pondering on a Sunday. Last week I looked at why blogging is an Art Form. Now it’s time for science to have a say.

Art Vs Science: 5 Reasons Blogging Is A Science

Art Vs Science: 5 Reasons Blogging Is A Science

1. All bloggers learn from experimentation. Science is, “knowledge aquired by experimentation.” There are definitely elements of experimentation in blogging, especially with monetization (i.e. tweaking).

2. Blogging is for everyone. I previously wrote that not everyone can be a blogger. What may be closer to the truth is that not everyone can become a successful blogger, but they can can start a blog with a few basic skills, just like raw science.

3. Blogging is cutting edge. It is not just science that is expanding the frontiers of mankind, the Internet and blogging using cutting edge marketing principles and technologies.

4. Blogging is about the numbers. These may be the traffic figures, the earnings, the subscriber count or even the number of comments. If the number of people reading what we wrote didn’t matter bloggers would publish what they write online.

5. Blogging is about identifying controlling factors. For a blog to make money, traffic and monetization is needed. If the blog is fully monetized the controlling factor is traffic, which needs increasing.


Science is about acquiring knowledge based on scientific method. The question is whether blogging uses a scientific method and I think that varies from blogger to blogger, which means blogging as a whole is not a science. All bloggers learn from experimentation, but those experiments are not properly controlled most of the time. If you want to get really ‘airy-fairy’ you could say everything is both science and art.


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