How Blog Internet Marketers can Protect themselves from Online Fraud

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Internet marketers are in the business of selling products and services online. Perhaps, you are selling books, electronic gadgets, or appliances online, you might even be selling digital products such as e-books and music downloads, but whatever the case, one thing is clear, internet marketers run a serious risk of becoming victim to fraud.

How Blog Internet Marketers can Protect themselves from Online Fraud

How Blog Internet Marketers can Protect themselves from Online FraudThe potential for fraud in the internet is quite high; this is because credit cards and other electronic transitions are being conducted on a daily basis. Accepting credit card payments, for example, is essential for any online business to function. However, there are quite a large number of people who reported losses due to chargeback cases.  There are a large number of internet marketers who find out everything about link building, search engine optimization, and other promotional strategies to make their online venture a successful one. While all these factors are important, they should also realize that all the efforts they put into building their business will be for nothing if frauds just happen to them all the time since they loose money instead of making it.

Practical Tips to Protect Yourself against Online Fraud

One of the most important aspects you need to look into when you are online is ensuring that the padlock on your browser is active

Ensure that the padlock icon is found in you browser and not on the page you are seeing itself.

You should also know about the different scams in the internet

There are many types of these; among them are pop-up fraud, phishing, and spoofing. All these are used to get your personal information.  Trojan horse is another thing you need to be worried about, it can live on your system for an extended period of time once it is in your computer.

It is also essential for you to clear your cache even after you have visited any secure website to prevent the risk of any dangerous file from getting hold of your personal information

You should also log off after you had banked online or conducted an important transaction.

You should also run anti-virus scan and anti-malware scan on your computer regularly

Malwares include dangerous files such as spyware and adware that you monitor your browsing habits while you are connected to the internet. Performing regular scanning will ensure that your computer does not contain unwanted files that can compromise your security.

Do not download programs from sources you do not trust

If you received an e-mail from an unknown sender that has attachments, it is important for you not to open these types of files. It likely contains harmful files that can compromise your system security and steal information that can be used for fraudulent activities later on.

Upgrade your operating system regularly

This will ensure that you have maximum protection for your computer because the newest operating systems do not have the vulnerability that was present in the previous software.

Always keep your password a secret

Do not give your password to unknown sources, in fact; don’t disclose it to anyone at all. It is also recommended for you to change your passwords constantly to prevent malicious files from knowing what it is and then sending the information to its server.

Disregard questionable e-mails

These are the type of e-mails that asks for your username and password to access a website. Ignore these types of e-mails. In addition, it is important for you not to open any files that end with .xe or .pif because these are known to be executable that will install itself on your computer without your permission. However, you should also be aware of the source of these files, sometimes these files can come from reputable sources but this does not happen very often.

Being an internet marketer or being engaged in any online business for that matter is quite difficult at the start. As you can see, running an internet marketing business is not as simple as it seems. Protecting your website alone takes a considerable effort; this is in addition to promoting and maintaining your website to ensure that potential clients continually visit your site to buy products or services from you.


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