Blog for Money or Passion
In theory, we all know that blogging for our passion is the way to go but in reality, the choice between money and passion is very tough to make.  Before I was born, my dad chose to change his profession because of $500 HKD (about $50 USD) a month in salary.  When I first heard… (0 comment)

Feeling the Need to Write a Post
As a blogger, we often feel compelled to put up a new post .  After all, many popular blogs are updated daily (some even update a few times a day).  Those bloggers seem to be able to churn out great article after article and if we want to be like them, we better mimic that… (0 comment)

Be Patient with Increasing Traffic to Your Blog
Readers ask me all the time about ways to increase traffic.  They see the success of a few of my sites and they believe that there is some secret to getting traffic that I’m not sharing.  They want to know what I do to rank high on keywords within Google, whether I pay for advertising… (0 comment)

Whether We Should Blog Once or Multiple Times a Day
How often we should post on our blogs for maximum effectiveness is always a question that I get asked. There are many people that think posting multiple times a day is the way to go while there are equally as many people that think posting once a day is the optimal.  Here are the common… (0 comment)

5 Ways to Get Ideas for Blog Content
Other than time to write the actual article, coming up with content ideas day in and day out is one of the most difficult tasks a blogger faces.  There are times when I just sit there staring at the screen and couldn’t come up with one word, while there are others times when I can… (0 comment)

Stop Tweaking the Blog Design and Start Writing Already
With the launch of this blog and a refocus of a few others, I’ve been addicted to tweaking blog designs. From knowing nothing about Photoshop and only very basic HTML, I can now create basic graphic designs and rearrange/add features on my blog through tweaking CSS and PHP codes. I find all this fascinating and… (0 comment)