Blogrepreneur – BlogBits From The World Of A Newage Entrepreneur

Blogrepreneur, (Not to be confused with Blogtrepeneur) is the latest blog on the block and I’m glad to see the author Althaf brings something fresh to the blogosphere. Blogrepreneur is similar to Blogging Fingers in terms of topic and target readership, which made it a pleasure to review.

Blogrepreneur – BlogBits From The World Of A Newage Entrepreneur

Blogrepreneur - BlogBits From The World Of A Newage EntrepreneurAlthaf is The Chief Marketing Consultant for Royal Forex Group, Wall Street, U.S.A. I’ve been getting to to know him a little better via instant messenger and I discovered Althaf has sold a couple of blogs before and made some good money, so he is already a proficient blogger. This time with Blogrepreneur it not all about the money. Althaf is in it for the long haul, or as he puts it:

“Blogrepreneur is my dream; a dream, to give back to the Internet society, what I have gained in the past 6 years”

He is planning to not have any advertising on the site until he reaches the ambitions but attainable target of 1000 RSS subscribers. By that stage I think we can all say that he will deserve some money for his efforts!

Althaf is not one of the bloggers with 0 real knowledge and that makes money by “evil” marketing strategies. Instead Blogrepreneur is holding a contest that has prizes I would actually really like to win. The total value of the prizes is $450 and include premium WordPress themes and blogging e-Books as well as 1 year WordPress hosting. All you have to do to enter is subscribe via email like I have done.

Althaf is also writing an e-book. It is an essential guide to Google Analytics. Althaf’s tells me that there are a lot of bloggers and new webmasters that do not really use any web analytics at all, thereby losing all the benefit of the incoming traffic. This book basically is his way of creating awareness among the new and aspiring entrepreneurs, the importance of tracking visitors and analyzing them.

Althaf has had more than his share of life experiences as he says, ” I took a break for the whole of 2004 in the shape of a kidnapping incident“.

I actually recommend having a read of Blogrepreneur’s about page because the story of Althaf’s life is a very interesting one. He has experienced both success and financial loss and this experience shows through in his writing. It’s not just me who thinks so because Blogrepreneur is only a few weeks old but already has 60 RSS subscribers.

Blogrepreneur is part way through a Bogging 101, i.e. a core guide to the blogging basics. While I am unsure how many people will need to know this information, Blogging Fingers started off in much the same way and it proved very useful to have relevant content to link to when mentioning a basic topic.


Blogrepreneur has got off to a very solid start. The site design is basic but adequate and contains everything readers need. I highly recommend checking out the contest.


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