Here is a question for you. Which way is is better to charge customers? It could be for advertising on your blog, for an online training course or just about anything where there are going to be repeat payments. For some items, like an e-book there is only 1 download and no follow up (providing… (0 comment)

Editors note: Having sold $7000 of blogs myself, I have experienced the advantages of selling, but what about buying? This is a guest post from BusinessMart, the business search engine Why buy an established business or franchise rather than start from scratch? There are many advantages for an entrepreneur. First of all, there is a… (0 comment)

Here’s an interesting thought. Which country is it best to be a blogger in? There are lots of different questions around this topic: Which Country Is It Best To Be A Blogger In? Is it beneficial to be a blogger where lots of other bloggers live near by? (e.g. parts of California) Does a large… (0 comment)

I think of growing a popular blog as the great way to experience and learn the fundamentals of business. Blogging teaches you all about branding, marketing, sales, public relations, advertising and planning. Success stories in blogging are common when compared to Dragons Den success stories! Bloggers are fledgling entrepreneurs. It wouldn’t surprise me therefore if… (0 comment)