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Cash for lottery winnings


PPI Cash offers cash for lottery winnings to individuals who want to sell their lottery winnings in order to accelerate the traditional 20-25 year payoff schedule of a structured annuity payment.

Cash for lottery winnings

Cash for lottery winnings

For recipients of larger lottery jackpots who want to sell lottery winnings, Prosperity’s can provide a lifetime of primarily tax-free income. Receive cash for lottery winnings along with a wealth of substantial tax savings.

When you sell your lottery winnings to us, we examine your needs, your current financial situation, and your payment stream to determine the most cost effective means of turning your future payments into the money you need now.

We help you choose from a variety of flexible, individually tailored “cash for lottery winnings” payment alternatives. We offer:

  • Customized “cash for lottery winnings” payment schedule to suit your needs and financial goals
  • A lump sum “cash for lottery winnings” payout
  • Or a more conservative series of larger-than-average disbursements
Cash for lottery winnings makes sense when you consider that the amount the recipient actually receives is generally significantly less than the amount initially offered in a state lottery.

To sell your lottery winnings or to learn more about Prosperity’s options for cash for lottery winnings, contact us at or by phone at 1-800-509-1649. You can also request a Free Quote or visit our Required Documents page for more information

Two Kinds of Policies

There are two different types of title insurance policies you can purchase. You can purchase either a standard-coverage policy or an extended-coverage policy.

A standard policy is less expensive then an extended policy. The risks they cover are more limited. They cover items such as fraud, competency, and defective recordings. They also cover mechanics liens, tax assessments, and judgments that can be uncovered by checking public records.

Extended coverage covers everything previously mentioned as well as items you might discover by actually inspecting the property. It also covers things that went unrecorded and therefore are not part of a public record.

How To Take title

One of the most important considerations when buying a home is how to take title. Each type of co-ownership is different and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


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