Confessions of a Blog-less Bloggers

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After taking the longest break from I have ever made from blogging (since starting 6 months ago) I found it very tough to get back into routine. However, there is a flipside in that taking a break can be an opportunity to come back with old, inefficient routine/habits destroyed allowing for a fresh start.

Confessions of a Blog-less Bloggers
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Blogging habits are one of the few areas in life where the extreme ‘destroy and rebuild’ philosophy is generally accepted.

Having sold my 3 month old blog for a $1000USD to an anonymous bidder, I have experienced ‘life without a blog’ first hand.

The Bad

1. The terrible part (call me melodramatic but it was really bad) of knowing that now, without a blog you are just one of the many people who are stuck unconnected to the world and without a voice.
2. Lack of income. Obviously having made a bulk sum of $1000 this wasn’t an immediate problem, but I was concerned that I might not be able to ‘do it all again’.

The Good

1. I no longer needed to dwell on ‘what to write next’ or obsessively waste time checking stats (not that this ever needed to be done but it presented a chance to break those bad habits).
2. There was more than simple ‘habit breaking’ going on. Getting ‘away from it all’ allows a whole new perspective to be taken on blogging and it allowed me to plan-out what will be important in the foreseeable future.
3. Party time! There was a very good reason why I took 3 days off. I hadn’t planned it out for me to break all those habits I keep going on about, the reason was there where 3 parties every night in a row… what happened at those is another story.

I am very glad to say that after breaking all my old habits and thought patters, I still know that blogging is for me and I’m definitely not planning on selling this blog after 3 months!

Ths is the main Confessions of a Blog-less Bloggers


The ultimate test to find out if you are a blogger at heart is to take a break of several days, with out even reading a blog. If you emerge thinking “great I’m free” then blogging isn’t for you, if are dying to share with the world and get back in the game then you have just passed the toughest test in blogging.

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