Which Country Is It Best To Be A Blogger In?

Here’s an interesting thought. Which country is it best to be a blogger in? There are lots of different questions around this topic:

Which Country Is It Best To Be A Blogger In?

  • Is it beneficial to be a blogger where lots of other bloggers live near by? (e.g. parts of California)
  • Does a large group of bloggers living near each other make it harder for an individual blogger to stand out, or are they getting an advantage with networking?
  • What about where blogging is illegal or restricted (like China?)
  • What about in countries where the number of Internet users is booming? (like India)
  • Is it beneficial to be blogging from a War zone where every post can be the centre of mainstream media attention?
  • What about the weather?
  • What about online payments, does PayPal work in your country?

You might think in England that all the bloggers must live quite close to each other and so visit each other all the time, but that is not the way it works here. In England we consider a 2 hour drive a pretty serious road trip, but when I went to California 2 hours of driving seemed like nothing, due to the vast stretches of road through the desert.

There are also very few networking events in England, whereas in California there seems to be a new one each week!

Where do you think is the best Country in the world to blog from?


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