Easily Reload the Permalink URL in WordPress Editor

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Like everyone else, I changed the permalink of my articles to reflect the title of my posts for SEO reasons. In the newer versions of WordPress, the editor automatically updates and shows you the URL as soon as you leave the editable box (as shown below).

Unfortunately, I found this super annoying because I often change the title (sometimes I even leave the title blank until after I finish writing the article) and the permalink doesn’t update! So if I ever change the title after I start my article, I have to click on edit and then type in the url myself.

In fact, I spoke to the WordPress team at Blog World Expo and the lady there thought it was a good idea to add a reload button beside that url to reset it to the title (she did say she had to think about it but I was hoping that it will be in v2.7).

Today, I accidentally found the cure for this. I was so happy I found it because I will finally be able to get rid of this annoying “feature”.

To reset the permalink url to the current title, all you have to do is:

  1. click “edit” to bring up the editable url.
  2. Erase the url (the part where you can change)
  3. click save

Saving a blank url seems to trick wordpress into generating a new url based on the current title.  Ha!  Finally, I’m happy again.

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