Embarrassment For The New Million Euro Wiki Owners

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Judging from what John Cow showed us of the new Million Euro Wiki owners I believed they would have a positive effect on MEW making buying a page an even better investment than before. After all they have claimed to be dedicated to the marketing of MEW and they sound pretty genuine when they talk about “building user management tools”.

Embarrassment For The New Million Euro Wiki Owners

Embarrassment For The New Million Euro Wiki OwnersWe knew John Cow could stomach it, after all he does have 2 stomachs but if I made the mistake the new MEW owners have I’m not sure what I would do. Draw whatever conclusions you like from this.

This is a screen shot from the MEW blog:

You did read that right. They signed off as their archrival the Million Dollar Wiki!

You could say its just 1 word out of place and it happens to be the worst possible word, which I am willing to agree with… just.

I want this post to act as a hoof up the ass to wake them up. The MEW brand should be so strong people that the decision is not “shall I buy on the MDW or the MEW?”, but “Which page should I get on the MEW using the coupon code BloggingFingers?”.

It is a minor slip up and I’m sure they will bounce back.

Wake up guys!

Auction: Buy My Page On The Million Euro Wiki

– Auction Closed – IT was on 2017 🙁 –

The Million Euro Wiki has rocketed to success after being pushed by the power of several popular blogs. Now is a great time to take advantage of that buzz. Back when the good pages were still available I snatched up the Blogging page, knowing that it’s value was only going to increase.

In case you missed it CashQuests sold their “Business” page for $180. Money can clearly be made with these pages and now is your chance to bid for the highly desirable Blogging page.

Why You Should Bid

1. The power of the Blogging Page. I have done absolutely nothing to promote the page, yet it has been viewed over 300 times. The blogging page is a traffic magnet.

2. You can do what ever you want with the page, including promoting your blog!

3. This page has the hosting paid for it for life. If you can’t make a profit in that time I think you are in the wrong business!

4. Owning a page allows you to join the highly lucrative Million Euro Wiki affiliate program. You will be given a discount coupon that allows you to offer $10 off from the standard $100. You earn a whopping $30 for every page sold via your coupon!

5. Win a 16GB iPod Touch! For every 25 pages sold, one of page-owners is randomly selected and given a brand new 16GB iPod touch worth $400!

6. You can sell the page off in an auction like this one!

At the moment the page is monetized with various affiliate programs, all of which I earn recurring payments from but you are free to do what ever you like.

You could buy a page now for $90 by entering BloggingFingers, but making a bid for the Blogging page now would be an even smarter move.

How To The Auction Will Work

  • Bids will be made via the comments or private negotiation
  • Bidding starts at $0. If there are no bids, the page will be given to the first commenter
  • Each bid must be $10 higher than the last
  • Auction is open for 24 hoursExtended by 6 hours to account for timezone differences. Auction ends once and for all at 4.30pm GMT
  • B.I.N (buy it now price) is $250
  • Payment accepted PayPal
  • You will receive the page within 12 hours of payment being sent.

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