Garry Conn Vs John Cow And The Make Money Online Classroom

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If you haven’t read it already, John Cow and Garry Conn are having a competition to see who can start a new blog from scratch and sell it on SitePoint for the highest amount after 30 days. Both sides are asking you sign up to find out what they will be doing to beat their opponent. Garry has organized a make money online classroom which you can sign up to for free. Blogging Fingers is an official sponsor of his classroom.

Garry Conn Vs John Cow And The Make Money Online Classroom

Who Will Win?

I’ve known Garry for well over a year now and I’ve seen him try just about every possible way there is to make money online, until he found the winning formula with his extremely numerous niche adsense earning blogs. He knows his stuff. As for John Cow I’ve seen him rise the fastest with some very creative marketing ideas and he is donating all the money (if he wins) to charity.

Questions About The Rules

Is it allowed for the competitors to use their other current blogs/Websites to promote their new niche blog? If so what is allowed? Presumably promotion from their main blogs is allowed. If anything is allowed, then Garry could pretty much get any site to the top of Google for any keyword phrase by using the power of his other blogs.

Another big question is what about spending money on the new niche blog? Is the winner whoever ends up with the most profit after selling or simply revenue from the sale?

Another issue is that is very easy to infiltrate the opponents classroom to read the tactics they share with their readers by making a new innocent looking email address. Also if Garry or John Cow find out what the URL is of each others competing blog they could make an effort to attack it and bring it down. I trust neither of them will do this as it is a friendly competition. What ever happens both Garry and John Cow will gain lots of free promotion with this contest.

I’m exited about seeing who wins, best of luck to both of you!

You can enroll in Garry Conn’s make money online classroom for free

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