Get your Comments and Anchor-text Backlinks accepted on High PR Authoritative Blogs

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How to Get Your Comments Accepted On Authoritative Blogs

With an increase in spam comments, blog owners are on guard. They are more vigilant than ever before, and rightly so. If you have spent great effort setting up a blog, provided quality content, and carefully guided it up the search engine listings, you have the right to be choosy about the comments the blog allows.

Get your Comments and Anchor-text Backlinks accepted on High PR Authoritative BlogsFor this very reason, it is not as easy getting a comment accepted on a blog as it once was, especially a well-respected site. But with a little extra effort and advice it is by no means impossible and the advantages of targeting popular, authoritative blogs are well worth any additional commitment.

Here are some tips to consider before posting comments to respected blogs:

Time and Effort Equals Success

It is not always easy to have comments accepted by authoritative blogs, but one backlink from a respected blog is worth ten low-quality links from ten low-ranked sites.

You will need to be prepared to spend some time on research and submit comments that are well written, contain valuable information, and show insight and intelligence. Read the whole blog, including its archived posts, not just the post you are looking to comment on.

Get a feel for the style and tempo of the blog. Do some research on the demographics of its readership (use Alexa or Quancast) and be ready to adapt your writing style and content to that of the site and the many comments already accepted. Look at these comments and try to figure out what they brought to the blog.

Knowing a lot about a subject is one thing, but learning to express that knowledge so that the blog owner and its readers will accept it is a different matter entirely. If you can work out what the blog and its readers want, you stand a greater chance of submitting comments that successfully pass even the toughest of blog moderation processes.

Think About the Bigger Picture

Blog commenting is not all about backlinks. It is about connecting with a new audience and making new contacts. The people reading your comments will be interested in the market you operate in and this makes them an exceptionally targeted crowd.

That initial backlink is great, but the potential interest you could receive from other blog readers is even better. By ensuring you submit quality, relevant comments, not only do you improve the chances of your comments being accepted, you increase the likelihood of reader interaction.

Read previous comments and understand the blogs audience. Are there any common questions they ask?  See if you can research the answers and improve on the blogs original post or response. Refer to another commenter in your post if relevant and use quotes from previous comments to encourage a healthy respect from other posters.
This interaction could result in new targeted visitors to your site, potentially locating likeminded people interested in joint ventures, and having other readers regard you as an expert thus enhancing your own reputation.

Challenge the Post Authors

This is not an invitation to challenge the author to a duel, or fist fight. What this means is that successful comments are often those that promote a response from the original post author. Many authors will post a piece and happily ignore all the sycophantic backslaps attempting to get cheap backlinks.

The author will probably be busy writing the next post and only those comments that catch their interest, or offer a new concept to the original post, stand a chance of acceptance. Many blog posters do not have the compulsion to bother with replying to tedious comments and consider it easier to just delete them.

But even the laziest of authors cannot resist replying to a comment that challenges something they have written, or encourages them to explain something in more detail thereby further promoting their bottomless knowledge (and ego).
Submit a comment that offers constructive criticism, a new angle, or persuades the author that you would really appreciate further insight into the subject, and it is almost guaranteed that your comment will be accepted.

The Reward Is Worth the Effort

It may seem like an easy option to look for low-quality blogs that automatically accept comments. Or ones that state they moderate comments, but in reality are so desperate for attention they will accept anything that resembles a comment. But scraping the bottom of the blog barrel is a waste of time and will not help your own website’s search engine performance one little bit.

There is a good reason the top ranking blogs hold that position. They offer quality content and expect quality submissions in return. Yes, it will require more effort to have a comment accepted on these blogs. But the reward for performing that extra research and providing a top notch submission is a very powerful backlink and the chance to promote yourself to a massive targeted audience. And who wouldn’t want that?

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