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Google Needs to Add Adwords Credits as a Payment Option For Adsense

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The title says it all – add Adwords credits as a payment option for Adsense simply to keep more of our money.  Currently, many people (myself included) have Adsense on our websites but buy ads on Adwords so why not make things simple for everyone by having Adwords credits as reward for our Adsense dollars?

What’s In It for Google

For Google to decide doing this, there must be a reason for action. Here are a couple reasons for Google to think about:

Creates a Higher Demand for Ads
Once it becomes an option, more people will be willing to try this form of advertising which is only a good thing for Google. On top of that, people like me who already advertises with Google will probably be more encouraged to use it since the credits are already in our Adwords account!

Higher Ad Prices
One side benefit of having more demand is that each ad will naturally have a higher ad price! More ads with each ad having a higher price, isn’t this Google’s dream?

Keep Money From Leaving Google
Are there any other stronger reason? If I transfer $500 worth of credits from my Adsense account to Adwords, Google is guaranteed that they won’t have to pay me $500!

What’s In It for Us

Why am I pushing this? Here’s why:

Google’s legal department can probably come up with a workaround so the US folks don’t have to pay taxes for the Adwords credits they earn, so there will be some benefit for those that are US residents.  Sure, when we buy an ad, we can deduct the taxes right back but our tax accountant really doesn’t care too much about the extra paperwork, especially when there are 100 Adwords payments to deal with whenever she gets our expenses history.

I want more freedom and having choices give us that. Whether many people will adopt this or not remains to be seen but the more control we have, the better!

Since it makes so much sense for Google, I’m hoping that they will give an incentive for Adsense publishers that adopt this payment method. This could be an added bonus, gift, or something else which will benefit us.

It Would Be Cool
Not all reasons are for everyone. If Google actually adds this because of my post, wouldn’t it be cool?

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