How to Generate an Income from the Internet

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Income Generation From the Internet

Do you want to earn extra income without leaving home? Do you want to do it the easy way? Then you may very well earn it directly from the internet, like thousands of other people do! Read on and learn how to start earning without investing any money.

How to Generate an Income from the InternetYou must understand that what I am about to share with you is not a career within itself, but rather a sort of income generator(s) during your luxury time – yes, your luxury time. What you will soon learn to earn should be enough to pay a few of your bills, but it doesn’t have to end there, you could definitely earn more than that. Also, earning a steady amount of extra income takes time to build. But once it has started, it would become much easier for you. This article is intended to teach you how to start up..

How to Generate an Income from the Internet

Now if you are ready to start earning some extra cash, brace yourself and be amazed how simple it is.

Getting started
First off, you should have an online banking account. It’s not actually a bank but a somewhat a form of digital online repository for your money. Now, you have to sign up in either one, or both of the following. You have the choice but I suggest that you sign up for both (after all, they’re both FREE!) because you would be receiving your payments on both.

Create a Paypal Account
Paypal is an online money transfer handler. They process payments through the internet without letting anyone know about your personal information. It is important to have an account on this site because some potential income generators could only pay you through Paypal. To start off, go to the Paypal website (www.paypal.com). Click the sign up link on the upper right side of their home page. Choose the ‘Personal Account’ option and choose the country where you currently reside. Click the continue button to proceed. Fill in all the necessary fields. Be honest about every detail. Paypal has the right to shut down your account when you have been found to give fraudulent personal information. Also, once you have started being paid, Paypal will use that information to send you your money. So be careful in entering information on the blank fields. A confirmation e-mail will be sent on your e-mail account. Click the confirmation link and then log on to your Paypal account. That’s it for Paypal.

Create an E-gold Account
E-gold is a little different from Paypal. It is somewhat an investment site where your income is automatically invested on gold (that’s why it’s ‘e-gold’ – electronic gold). You can read the FAQ on their site for further reading. Log on to their site and click the ‘Create an Account’ link on the left. A page will load where you are asked to read the user agreement. Read up. Then, if you have read the agreement, and accept the terms and conditions, click accept. If not, decline. A form will load and you will have to fill them all up. The ‘Passphrase’ field will serve as your password. After submitting, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail account. The account number given will also be your log-in number, or will stand for your username. After that, we could start sniffing for some money on the internet.

Money-making on the Internet
There are a lot of ways to earn from the internet but know this, to earn effectively, you must (MUST!) produce as many manageable income streams as you can. This May increase your chance to earn more and prevents the income flow drying up. It is also advantageous because there would be more places for you to gather information and build remote social ties – which you will need for future success.

Remember, we are in the information age, and the most important thing we’ll need is information! You just have to know where to look, who to ask and when to ask. Furthermore, do not confine yourselves on the learning you will derive from this article. Explore the net, experiment and learn!

Income Opportunities
Now, there are a lot of ways to start up, and it’s up to you. You don’t have to follow them in order. So let’s get on it.

PTC (Paid-to-click) and PTR (paid-to-read) sites are common on the internet. These are sites that pay their members for clicking advertisements (through ads or e-mails) from advertisers and sponsors. Usually, you are asked to click a link and stay on the page for a few seconds. Then your account on that site will be credited. Some of these sites offer points for availing advertising opportunities (we will get that part later). Now, there are a lot of scams out there so be careful in signing up and giving away your personal information. PTCs and PTRs often give very little earning for each action, so it would take time to build your earnings. Be patient and do not underestimate these sites because there is a way to boost your income and multiply it several times (to be discussed later). They will prove to you that they can play an active role on your multiple-income stream.

Listed below are prominent PTR and/or PTC sites that have proven themselves trustworthy, all of which are free to sign up to and usually pay via Paypal, but some pay via E-gold. Just check their FAQs for further information.

Donkeymail.com – this site offers to pay its members for every e-mail they read and advertisements they view. Also, they offer payment for signing up on some offers. ‘Donkey points’ can be earned by clicking advertisements that specify earning points rather than cents.
Wowearnings.com – just like Donkeymails, you will receive payments by reading e-mails and clicking on advertisements. The difference is that they pay more for signing up to special offers or to affiliate sites. However, their sign up programs are concentrated on USA, Canada and UK. But occasionally, you would find international offers.
Getpaidtonight.com – also a PTC and PTR site that has a low payout (minimum amount needed to receive payment) and payments are made within 24 hours. Reading e-mails and clicking advertisements are paid.
Jillsclickcorner.com – another PTC and PTR site that parses a stream of e-mails for you to read and advertisements to click. They also pay for special sign ups.
Makethatdollar.com – is another prominent site that offers payment for reading and clicking. They have an extensive stream of paid-to-sign-up.
Hits4pay.com – is a PTR and PTC site that is lucrative but requires approval upon signing up. Once your account is approved, you would come to realize that this site is one of the highest paying PTR or PTC out in the net.

Paid-to-sign-up sites give special offers for you to complete. Once completed, your account would then be credited. Some offers require an investment, that is, you need to pay some amount to sign up for the offer. The compensation, however, is almost always more than what you’ve spent. This is not entirely necessary, but if you plan to earn well, it’s well worth the trouble. Then there is the plain paid-to-sign-up where you just have to become a member of a particular site.

The sites listed below are reputable sites that pay their active members. All of them are free to join. They pay via E-gold or Paypal.

Swatcash.com – is a paid-to-sign-up site that offers dozens of special offer and links to sites. All you have to do is complete the offers or sign up to specific sites and you get paid for it. No clicking and reading e-mails on this one.
Treasuretrooper.com – by far, one of the most popular paid-to-sign-up site on the net. Just like Swatcash, they pay for special offers and for signing up on their affiliates.
Intoffer.com – another paid-to-sign-up site that also has an extensive list of links for special offers and sign up opportunities. This site has a lot of paid international offers.

PTP (Paid-to-post)
Paid-to-post sites are usually forums or information exchange centers. All you have to do is sign up and participate actively in discussions. How do you earn? Well, that depends on the content of your post and the length. There are a wide range of topics to discuss. You usually earn faster on PTP sites than on PTCs and PTRs, but like what I’ve said: they should be part of your multiple-income streams. But unlike PTCs and PTRs, this income stream requires dedication and a little more effort than the rest. But once you have sufficient resources, you can boost your income (to be discussed later).

The sites below are well-known and reputable sites with honest administrators. You can join for free. These sites pay through Paypal.

Mylot.com – by far one of the most famous among the PTPs on the net. They offer a wide range of topics to post. The forums here are fun to participate into since they are categorized by your relative interests. You earn by posting new topics for your interests and replying to others’ posts. By spending an hour or two on Mylot, you can earn up to $40-$50 a month without putting much of an effort. Be sure to be active.
Dormcheck.com – another known PTP site. Just like Mylot, they offer payment for simply posting and replying to others’ posts. The speed of generating income on this site is almost in par with Mylot. Therefore, you may generate about the same amount on this site.
Moneytalkpro.com – this PTP site also offers to pay posts and replies. But one thing that set this site apart from other PTP sites is that the topics discussed here are often about making money on the web, how to sign up on them and how to earn more. You definitely have to joins this site.
Webmastersroom.com – one of the highest paying PTP site on the web. The payment rate is higher than other more common PTP sites and you can generate up to $80-$100 a month by spending only a few hours (after making the necessary income boosts, which is discussed later).

There are still other ways to generate income and some may even open an opportunity for a permanent online career. This section will discuss such income opportunities and where to look.
Bestcashrewards.com – this site is free to join and offers to pay you for attending some online seminars that may last from 15-30 minutes. You would have to download a Video Conference Software (with VoIP) to access the seminars. This is a great opportunity for you if you are looking for a more secure means of income (a business or a career), not through Bestcashrewards.com itself, but through the seminars. The seminars are conducted by companies to offer business and career opportunities. The choice is yours. If you are to join in a business venture, you will need funds for investment.
Getafreelancer.com – this site is free to join, and with a little investment, you can get an upgrade. This site offers an extensive list of freelance jobs ranging from data entry to programming to copywriting. You have the freedom to choose with category to work on. To get a paying job, you have to post a bid on a job. The bid requires you to specify the amount you would charge and the amount of time to complete the job. If your bid was chosen, the employer would contact you and may ask for further details on how you plan to complete the job.
Zotspot.com – this is a paid-to-search site. You get paid just for using their search engine and surf the net through the links their search engine provides. It’s free to join and is hassle free.

How to Make More Progress
The rate of success on generating more income depends on your progress. Your progress consequently depends on your skills such as in gathering useful information. Like what I’ve said earlier, we are in the information age and information is a vital resource. Read on and try to remember as much as you can.

Gathering More Information
There are plenty more income opportunities on the web. Those that I’ve mentioned don’t even make a fraction of it. But how can you get the information you need to start your progress rolling? Remember that there are forum sites where you could post topics for discussions, and I’ve you’d have to know who to, where to, and when to ask. You could start on forum sites, but there are other things to do first, namely:

1. Be active. This would increase your visibility over the site.
2. Be as wholesome as possible upon creating posts and replying to posts. This would help you build your “virtual” character.
3. Try to know as many people from forum sites as you can.
4. Try to observe the relative attitude of those people you get to know. One way of doing this is to read their posts, especially those that reflect their thoughts about some specific matters. Another way is to chat with them and ask questions.
5. Try to build a good and sturdy rapport with everyone you get to know, chat or converse with. This would build your network of people that may help you in your progress.

Once you are confident with the rapport you’ve established, you may now start asking questions and gather information. It is usually best to consult to a number of people so as to increase the probability that a certain piece of information is true. Be sure to ask where to look for more information just in case. If you have been visible enough on a forum site, you can directly post your question on the spot, since a lot of people are willing to share information. You would have to sort out the information you need after that.

Another way to extract information from people is to give one, yourself. Let’s face it, some people are not so willing to give precious information for income generation. What you should do is to trade information that is not a common knowledge for everyone who partakes in forums so as to convince your would-be informant that it’s a reasonable trade. Also, you could get more information if you agree to become to become a referred member or recruit. That way, you would be able access more income opportunities and you could ask your referrer for more “information”.

Boosting Your Income
Like I’ve said earlier, there are ways to boost your income on PTCs, PTRs and PTPs. Some of the given sites even give tips on how to boost your income. It’s relatively simple. After knowing a lot of people and establishing a good rapport, you have to sign them up on PTC, PTR and PTP sites under your referral. Almost of the sites I’ve mentioned under these categories all have referral programs. Referral programs are meant to increase a site’s membership matrix, to do so, they offer commissions for referring a new recruit. The percentages of commissions and depth levels vary with every site. With sufficient referrals (and referrals from your referrals), you may generate a substantial amount of additional income.

Some PTP sites also pay you for replies you receive. So, you should try to post a topic that many people would be interested in. This would help you increase your earning as well as your rating as a member.

Upgrades (such as gold membership) are available on some sites, but most of the time, they require a small investment. If you have the means, it would be a good idea so you should go for it. You would then be given priorities over some opportunities for income and receive some benefits and special offers not normally given to members with regular accounts.

Managing Income Streams
Multi-tasking is necessary if you are to manage your income streams effectively so as to maximize your time. To do this, I suggest that your browser must be capable of displaying web pages in tabs. Tabs are easier to manage than multiple windows. For that requirement I suggest that you use Mozilla Firefox. If you don’t like that browser, you could use IE 7 or the lower versions IE 5 or 6. For IE 5 or 6, download the yahoo toolbar for your browser to make use of the tab feature.

Upon accessing PTC and PTR sites, I suggest you open as many as you think you could manage simultaneously. Remember that these sites only want you to stay for a specified amount of time on their sites or on their sponsors’, but often only allows one active window. What you do is you open one tab for each PTC or PTR site and let the timer expire. That way, you get credited simultaneously without spending too much time sorting over these sites one by one.

To manage paid-to-sign-up sites, first you must create a template on a word processor (such as MS-Word, StarOffice, OpenOffice, etc.) that contains common required information such as your name, contact numbers, addresses and so on. This would make you work much faster and easier, and also minimize errors. Again, you could open paid-to-sign-up sites in tabs. Copy a required field from your template and paste them on the sign up fields. Move to the next tab and paste the same information on the same field for the current site. Repeat this until you no longer need to paste the same content. Copy the next field from your template and repeat the process. That way, you can complete sign up information in bulk and in a much faster rate.

PTP sites are more tedious to deal with. First, you have to categorize your interests. Try to plan ahead by creating drafts and outlines on what to post. It is a good idea that to post same topics for different PTP sites. But you should write the content a little differently from one PTP site to another. One way to do this is to create a template with some short key sentences for your post. Copy and paste to all your PTP postings and then fill in the gaps between the sentences differently. This saves you precious time, and making each post somewhat unique.

There are other ways to make your work easier, you should try to ask people you know how they make their work easier (again, that’s the benefit of data gathering).

What Next?
After earning extra income on the internet through the means I have stated, you wouldn’t want it to simply en there, right? What you want is to create more profitable income generators that are relatively easy to do. Information gathering is again, necessary at this point. Here are some leads that could help you, but gathering more information about these is entirely up to.

Advertising is one way to earn money from the net. You just have to set them up and wait for the money to roll in. But if you think it’s that simple, try to ask the pros about it. One benefit from advertising is that it creates a residual income without putting too much work after being set up. One program you can try is the Google Adsense. It is a known advertising program, but to sign up you must have a web site on your own (but you can build some for free) and a credit card. Another thing for advertising is to create web traffic and make your visitors click on the advertisements. You get paid for unique clicks. Earn additional income whenever a product or service is purchased through your link.

Online Business Ventures
Online business is one way to earn money, but it requires more effort and dedication. You could start a small business at E-bay (you may have heard about it). As with any business, you need an investment. Then you have to set up your own virtual shop and create listings of products or services that you would be able to render. You should ask some people you know how to effectively earn from E-bay.

Earning opportunities are not limited to those that I’ve mentioned but they are good places to start. With a little patience and dedication, anyone can make the money roll in.

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