How to Shake Hands Online

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If you are new to social networking or you want to become an expert at it, the first thing to do is to view the marketing technique in a similar fashion as you would a traditional networking meeting offline. Have you ever gone to a networking function and come back with a handful of business cards to follow up with? Why do you look at networking online any different?

Tag Line

One of the first rules of effective networking is to have an effective sales tag line for what you do. A common mistake when people network is that they are too wordy in their description How to Shake Hands Onlinewhen asked or they are not clear. When someone asks you what you do, this is the first opening to generate a solid lead for your business opportunity. When you are developing your online tag line, consider brainstorming about what it is that you do and what your objectives are for the business. Your tag line needs to represent you and your opportunity within one sentence, without giving away the punch line. Too often, salespeople feel that they have to talk and talk in order to get a lead or close a sale.

For example, an effective tag line for an online multi level marketer would be, “I help people generate the extra money that they are seeking” or “I provide solutions in the forms of products for what people are looking for”. These are what I like to call teaser lines as they generate interest on the part of the person that you are talking with. It is not different when you are talking to someone online; in fact, you have to be better at networking online that you do offline to generate leads that you can convert into a paying customer.


Just like networking offline, online you want to have credible conversations with people. Your first instinct when you are using social networking to drive people to your website will be to sell, sell, sell. In reality, this is a major turn off for people, as we are constantly bombarded with people trying to sell us something day in and day out. Instead, have a conversation with someone about anything at all; it could be about the site, their background, who they are or about something that is business related. When it is appropriate, and it may take several site visits and conversations, you may ask them what they do. This will inevitably lead to them asking you what you do.

Take this opening as an opportunity to get the person back to your site. My favorite line is, “I prefer not to talk about business on the site as I joined to meet people. However, if you are interested in what I do, here is my website (or information, or I can send you some information).” This method of conversation will open the door for you to capture their personal information, but in a fashion that is willing, not as you simply generating a lead. And, it is professional and will help you to build credibility.

Shaking Hands

Your ultimate goal when using social networking to build your business is to shake hands with as many people as possible on a daily basis. This will involve an investment of time on your part. Schedule time every day for you to visit sites, to meet new people, and to keep up with the people that you have met in the past. The most visibility that you have and the more hands that you shake online, the more revenue you will generate for your business and for your website.

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