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I Hate The Reverse Funnel System

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It is rare for me to hate anything, especially a sponsor of Blogging Fingers. I am banning Reverse Funnel System banners from being bought on Blogging Fingers once the time for the current ad has expired.

Alex of ThousandDollarProfits is using the Reverse Funnel System and he ordered up this review.

Reverse Funnel System is the classic “pay a massive I Hate The Reverse Funnel Systemamount of money to be allowed to charge others a massive amount of money by selling the same thing”. A look at their disclaimer reveals they take no responsibility for any money you lose with them and also that the testimonials have not been verified as accurate.

I wanted to find out more about the Reverse Funnel System so naturally I Googled “reverse funnel system review”. The first result is a landing page for the system. Doing my duty, I entered my email address at the bottom to be sent to another page filled with videos, most of which were unavailable.

I endured this and entered my email address AGAIN into the box at the bottom of this page, which was required to proceed because the other ‘click here” link lead to a 404 error. I was sent an email telling me to watch another video on Youtube which contained more salesmanship and offerings of “free” DVDs and e-books. The video told me to visit long hyped up landing page, which, grudgingly I did (to fulfill my duty as a reviewer). I entered my email address AGAIN here, only to be sent back to the first sales page! (Must be the “reverse” system kicking in!)

These sales pages I just described are not the actual sales pages of Alex, who ordered this review, although he did not actually write any of his own sales pages because the person on his is called “Ty”. Alex must be an affiliate.

If you enter your email address on Alex’s ThousandDollarProfits Page, which is promoting the Reverse Funnel System it takes you to a sales page longer than the bridge of kazadoom and it is at this page I decided I shall not pass. A payment of $50 is required to receive an online “Mentorship Application” (note that is just an application and not actual access into the program).

I have 3 Pieces Of Advice To Give:

  1. If you are a newbie to making money online, stay away from hyped up schemes like this one.
  2. If you are a blogger, don’t write a flattering review of the Reverse Funnel System just because they paid you.
  3. If you are a Reverse Funnel System promoter don’t order reviews from honest bloggers.

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