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Is Working From Home Right For You?

Is Working from home right for you?

Working from home sounds great to a lot of people. It has many advantages, not least the often painful commute in to work, the many tribulations of office politics, and that’s before you get started on the boss!

But many people love all of that and thrive on it. Imagine if you were working from home. Would you miss colleagues at work? Would you miss the office banter? Would you miss just the feeling of community and shared experience which you get in an office? If so then working at home might not be for you.

But there are steps you can take, even if working from home, so that you are not isolated. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure (even more than ever) that you maintain a social life
  • Join a gym and get out of the house once in a while for some exercise
  • Spend an hour working at a local cafe or coffee bar with wireless connectivity. You will be surprised how this re-charges you
  • Maybe join a local chamber of commerce, or form a group of other work at home mums or dads in your area
  • Stay tuned to the outside world – watch the news daily, or read the newspaper
  • Maintain your boundaries – keep work in perspective and treat working hours as sacred.

Working from home can bring you many advantages.  Just manage the disadvantages and you will have a successful work at home career

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