Learn How To Customize WordPress With WordPress Modder

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I tend to learn things when they need learning, which results in me not being much of a WordPress genius, but I know enough to know that it would be helpful if I knew more. This is why I’m glad Adam Warner ordered up this review on Bloggging Fingers.

Learn How To Customize WordPress With WordPress Modder

After a few seconds on WordPress Modder I found a very useful tutorail for adding an Amazon Associates Store to a WordPress blog which I will put to use immediately on a couple of niche blogs of mine to replace the ‘home-made’ store that I knocked together. (see screen-shot of the store in action on WordPress Modder below)

On blogs that are about WordPress there are two common mistakes the authors make.

The first is assuming everyone who reads it is a PHP programmer and so make their posts barely understandable to most of us. The second is the opposite, writing extremely lengthly posts filled with waffle. On WordPress Modder Adam has the balance is just right and is a quality teacher of using WordPress. See this post on How to Split a Post or Page into Many, which is one of his simple and useful tutorials.

Video producers will find WordPress Modder’s series on WordPress Themes for displaying videos especially useful. The video producer series is described below:

“The Video Producer theme series will feature WordPress themes that are designed from the ground up to break the “blog diary” format and allow video creators to display their work differently from what is usually seen on most blogs”

WordPress modder is only 4 months old but you wouldn’t know it from the already well filled-out categories. A wide range of topics such as WordPress news, mods, themes, plugins, blogging and SEO are covered in some detail. If I were to add to WordPress Modder I would choose to write more tutorials because they provide the most value to the visitors. On a blog about WordPress the site should be packed full of them. I’m sure Adam has plans to add more tutorials as the site grows.


As a blogger, learning how to modify WordPress themes is a very useful skill. WordPress modder makes leaning how to customize WordPress easy and I strongly recommend joining the WordPress modder community

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