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LinkXL Lies To Its Advertisers

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After reading the review of LinkXL on JohnChow.com, I felt duty-bound to investigate further about how a link buying site tries to make themselves look legit.

LinkXL Lies To Its Advertisers

Gone are the days of TextLinkAds.com when bloggers where unaware of why selling links could be considered gray or even black-hat. This is due to the Google Toolbar PageRank slaying spree a few months back (which still continues).

Google has succeeded in educating bloggers about selling links, but they have failed to raise awareness among advertisers.

As far as I am concerned the ‘moral’ issue here is irrelevant. This is about money changing hands and the difference between the advertising industry and the link building industry. I have no problem with bloggers selling links, only when brokers are deceptive to their members.

What Is Wrong With LinkXL

On the LinkXL about page it says (and the wording of this is very important), “LinkXL™ allows marketers to organically grow their web site’s link popularity and search engine ranking through contextual text link advertising.” (emphasis is mine).

Increasing your search engine ranking and advertising are 2 very separate things. LinkXL are merging them together in the attempt to attract a portion of the marketers advertising budget, rather than only receiving their smaller SEO budget.

More Deception from LinkXL

LinkXL says that due to the advertisers being able to buy relevant text links, they are actually helping Google, and I quote, “With LinkXL™ links, advertisers are able to purchase extremely relevant text links that drive traffic while serving the algorithmic needs of the search engines.”

There are seemingly endless examples for me to quote on the LinkXL Homepage where they say things that are simply not true. They even say say to bloggers that the links are natural and, “not sponsored”!

Is this a joke? Are advertisers actually going to be tricked into thinking Google wants them to use LinkXL?

Note: A Gust Post

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