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Making money online with freelance writing

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Ways to Make Money Online by Freelance Writing

Internet has helped revolutionize businesses in every way. Freelance writers have more opportunities today to earn great amounts of money writing online. Freelancers can get in touch with clients from anywhere in the globe for their writing projects. Here we will see how freelance writers can exploit the Internet revolution.

Making money online with freelance writing

Part I: Freelance Writing Online

A number of freelance writing sites help writers build an online portfolio, and grow their writing business slowly. Here are some ways writers can earn good income online.

1. Constant-Content.com

Constant Content (CC) is perhaps the leader in marketing freelance content to thousands of websites out there. The  writers can submit content on various topics here and set their price of choice. When an article is sold, the author gets 65 per cent of the sale price.

CMaking money online with freelance writingustomers can request for particular content to the whole writer community or to specific writers as private requests. Already, some of the top members in Constant Content earn thousands of dollars writing. Getting private requests is important for all authors, since it will help them earn more.

Constant Content gives you an online portfolio, which shows all your content and sales history. This portfolio will help get rise in payment for your articles or even land a permanent writing job. Also, the writing standard of CC is very high, as it filters out content with incorrect grammar or punctuation.

2. Associated Content

Associated Content is a very popular content provider out there. Two types of payments are available here: upfront payment and performance payments. Upfront payment is available only in the US, and is usually less than 10 dollars. This is made on publication of the article. Performance payment is according to the number of pageviews an article gets. It is about 1.5 dollars per thousand pageviews.

Though the payment is low, AC offers greater reach to its authors. Associated Content gets almost 7 million visitors, who view almost 40 million pages every month. Hence, you are sure to get a great reach through AC.

3. Helium

Helium is another high quality freelancing site. Helium is a popular content provider in various topics. Even news media look for content within Helium writing marketplace. Helium also provides partnership programs, freelancing opportunities, and writing contests. If you are lucky enough, writing contests may fetch you a lot of money and exposure.

Helium’s freelance writing marketplace has lots of freelancing jobs for writers out there. Since Helium is popular, the competition can be tough, but the pay rate is higher than other freelance sites.

4. Contribute to Professional Publications

Quite a few professional publications can take your articles for publication. They include newspapers and online and print magazines. Although you can make quite a lot of money by publishing with them, the exposure matters the most. A print media publication can provide you enormous exposure.

However, most of these publications require that you query them with your article idea. Don’t send your article without solicitation; otherwise, it may end up in slush pile. Query the editors first, and follow up professionally if you don’t get a reply in a reasonable amount of time.

5. Freelancing Websites

There are quite a few freelance writing sites in which clients post writing projects. Writers can bid on these projects. Writers with greater proficiency and experience can win their bids easily. Since this is a worldwide marketplace, the competition can be great. Here are some freelancing websites:


6. Sponsored Review Blogging

If you have a popular, professional blog, you can write reviews of various products in it to get paid. These reviews require you to link out to the reviewed product website. Each review can fetch you about 10 or 20 dollars. Here are the sites that offer review jobs:


7. Begin a Blog and Promote It

You can have a higher chance of landing a professional writing job by starting a blog and promoting it well. You can advertise your writing portfolio in this blog and offer to write for money. Clients checking out your blog can see and estimate your writing standards before hiring you. And your competition in this case will be very low. Do good search engine optimization on your blogs to get more exposure and thus more jobs.

8. Search for Jobs

You can find freelance writing jobs without associating with a freelancing website or starting a blog. You can search for jobs. The largest classifieds ad network in the world, Craiglist.org can help you find a lot of freelancing jobs. Search within Craiglist and you will land many writing jobs that pay well.

However, writing random jobs like this will not help build a good writing portfolio. Most of these jobs are short term for one article or article packages. Long-term jobs are the best for professional freelancers.

9. Blogging on Blog Networks

A number of blog networks offer blogging jobs for writers out there. Most of these networks don’t offer jobs to newbies. You should have good experience in your field to land such a job. Also, the money you can earn from these networks is enormous.

Another advantage of blog networks is that they hire SEO professionals to promote their blogs. So, you only need to write content, and promotion will be taken care of by the company. Also, every blog in the network are interlinked, which makes sure that even the new blogs on the network will get high traffic and money.

However, as mentioned earlier, the expertise in the topic chosen is very important to land a job here. An inexperienced person is obviously not in demand here. Here are some blog networks:

About.com: About.com, owned by News Corporation, is one of the largest content networks out there. According to Alexa, its traffic rank is 81. Writers on About.com are called guides. A guide not only gets about 800 dollars a month, but also gets huge promotion. With your popularity, your earnings will also increase. Top guides in About.com earn in tune of thousands of dollars a month.

Suite101: This is a blog network, which has blogs related to various topics. You can apply to be a blogger there on any of the topics. Chosen writers are paid handsomely for their articles.

451Press: This is another blog network like Suite101. The popularity and pay rate are a little less.

B5Media: This is a blog network started by professional blogger, Darren Rowse. With over 300 blogs now, B5Media is growing.

Today.com: Only US residents can apply to be part of this blog network.

10. Ad Revenue Sharing Networks

There are several companies, which share advertisement revenues with its writers. All you need do in these sites is submit your content and your advertisement IDs (affiliate IDs). Well-written content will drive huge amounts of traffic to your articles. This traffic will earn a lot of money, which will be shared with you. Hubpages and Squidoo are examples of ad share networks.

Well-written articles, called Hubs or Squidoo Lenses, earn lots of pageviews and money for the writers.

11. Publishing and Selling E-books

If you are an experienced person in your field, you can publish an e-book and sell it to make profit. There are a number of publication sites, which help you publish your content online. ClickBank is an online retailer, which helps you promote and sell your digital products including your e-books at a minor fee besides the affiliate commissions. If your e-book is valuable, you will get several sales, earning you great amount of money.

Besides Clickbank, you can publish with on-demand self-publishing companies like Lulu.com.

Part II: Building an Online Freelancing Portfolio

A successful online freelancing career requires an online portfolio. Though everything you do online is tracked and archived, you should do the tracking yourself with the help of a blog, website, or social networking profile.

All freelancing sites have your profile with your article samples, number of sales, client feedback, etc. This helps greatly in building your career. Here are some tips:

1. Start a chronological blog

In order to track various steps of your progress, start a blog or journal, and post your career developments.

2. Social networking

For all Internet enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, social networking is unavoidable. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc., are so popular that you are sure to make a lot of professional connections through them.

3. Stick to one freelancing site

There are some advantages to sticking with one freelancing site than spreading your career in a number of them. If you have your full profile in one place, it will be easy to show it off to your clients. Also, when you don’t have any work on the primary site, it is good to work on projects from the other sites.

4. Contribute to the community

There are a number of communities just for freelance writers. They include social network groups, forums, etc. Contribute well to all these communities in order to be known far and wide as a trusted freelance content provider.

5. Watch out for scammers

Through some forums like the DigitalPoint forums, some people request articles and don’t pay money after the writer has uploaded the content. You should be aware of such scammers, and request an escrow service before sending your content.


Professional freelancing depends on your writing prowess. If you have good writing skills, you can effectively kill your competition. Also, early in your career, build an online profile to show off your work and ability. This way, you can get many clients.

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