Outsourcing Content Creation and Becoming Marketer of Your Blog Network

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Do you ever suffer from the affliction of getting bored with something that you know will work? I’ve been looking back across my blogging history and I’ve realized the most productive and efficient times were when I was trying out every trick in the book to drive traffic. When I started blogging leaving comments on other blogs, writing blog posts, submitting sites to directories manually and working on building up various social media profiles were all part of my daily routine.Photography by Simon Welsh

Outsourcing Content Creation and Becoming Marketer of Your Blog Network

Over time I’ve found myself “filtering” through these practices, supposedly leaving only the most time efficient ones left. I knew they all worked “a bit”, but just didn’t result in fast enough growth. The problem that arose is that I realized writing content is by far the most useful thing that can be done. This realization makes the other tasks seem pointless and ineffective, which left me in a constant struggle to keep creating new content all the time.

Despite the fact I’d learned a valuable lesson about how I should be spending my time, it was impossible to write posts all day long and I actually became less efficient than when I was a beginner. Writing all day is of course impossible for everyone (or at least its impossible to keep it at a high standard all the time) and resulted in feelings of burnout and wasted hours pondering starting even more blogs on topics I had ideas to write about.

Solution To The Marketing-Writing Balance:

Outsourcing content creation solves everything.

Outsourcing Content Creation and Becoming Marketer of Your Blog NetworkYou can keep marketing all day long as long as there is enough new content to promote, but writing decent quality content all day long cannot be done. Therefore if you outsource content creation and only spend 20% of your time writing, the other 80% can be spent marketing what the hired writers have written. Personally I can write quite happily for about 20% of the day, but it would be crazy to spend the other 80% marketing what I’d written, that ratio needs to be flipped around! Outsourcing content so you have several blog posts each day to promote flips the ratio.

You could say that writing is effective when its enjoyable and marketing is enjoyable when its effective.  In terms of applying that to blogging, writing content should be the first thing to outsource and marketing can be done all the time by you as the main administrator of a blog network.

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