Planning A Blog Re-Design? Read This First

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Lots of bloggers like to launch their blog into a the new academic year with a re-design. Three new blog designs I’ve observed recently are John Cow, Blog Storm and Tech Crunch. If you are planning a blog redesign I suggest visiting the links I posted above and observing the comments readers made about the new designs, in order to get a better idea of what your readers will be looking for.

Planning A Blog Re-Design? Read This First

Planning A Blog Re-Design? Read This First

Reading Material About Blog Designs

Note that the comments readers made on these posts are often even more usual than what the original author wrote!

A main point to take away is that with a new design comes new opinions and not everyone will like the design. Sometimes even if a new design is more user friendly than before, the fact that it is different means regular readers can find themselves wanting the old design back, for the sake of familiarity.

A new design takes time getting used to and to truly measure the success of a new design traffic levels and traffic conversion levels need to be monitored over at least 2 weeks, during and after that time further tweaks can be made to the blog design.

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