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PPI Cash is a buyer of structured settlement payments


PPI Cash is a buyer of structured settlement payments( We also purchase lottery winnings, royalties, casino jackpots, trusts, contest winnings and more.

As a buyer of structured settlement payouts, we are the oldest finance company in the U.S. specializing in purchasing deferred payment obligations.

PPI Cash is a buyer of structured settlement payments

We are the buyer of structured settlement installments who can individually tailor your deal so you receive one lump sum payoutor a comfortable series of payments:

  • For all your remaining future payments
  • A partial number of periodic payments
  • Or a percentage of your payments

For those people who prefer a buyer of structured settlements with a more flexible deferred payment plan, we can help.

For recipients of larger lottery jackpots who want to sell their winnings to a buyer of structured settlements, Prosperity can provide a lifetime of primarily tax-free income plus a wealth of substantial tax savings.

Property Taxes

PPI Cash is a buyer of structured settlement paymentsIf you buy and own a home you will be paying property taxes. They are typically paid through a county tax collectors office and due twice a year. Because they are semi-annual payments, they can be quite high. If you make a down payment on your property of less then 20 percent, many lenders require an impound account. These accounts require you to pay your property taxes and insurance costs each month along with your mortgage payment.

Property taxes are typically based on the value of your property. The average tax rate is about 1.5% of the value. You should contact the County Tax Collectors office and check what the tax rate is in the county you wish to buy a home in. When looking into the tax rate for the county, also ask about any extra assessments for services. Some counties charge additional assessment charges where other counties may include them in the standard property tax. Do not rely on the real estate listing to provide you with this information. What the current owner may be paying for taxes is not necessarily what you will be paying.

If you simply cannot afford to wait out the terms of your settlement and want to take back control of your money, or if you need immediate cash now, let us help you.

Be free of a structured annuity payment schedule and time based payouts. Get immediate cash on future installments from an experienced buyer of structured settlements.

Discover why PPI Cash is a leading buyer of structured settlements. Contact us at or by phone at 1-800-509-1649. You can also request a Free Quote or visit ourRequired Documents page for more information.

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