A Quick Motivation Tip (And How to Justify Insults)

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You could call this a gray hat way to motivate yourself, but it works. I like to think of it as a way to justify rudely voicing your opinion about someone you dislike, while boosting your motivation at the same time. Judge me if you dare!

A Quick Motivation Tip (And How to Justify Insults)
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I’ll explain it with a story:

I’m sitting at home watching TV and a programme about how “Obese will be majority in 25 years in the UK” comes on. The show starts by explaining how this trend is spreading from America. Then they go on to show some ‘present day fatties’ living in the UK.

Judging from the sad and ‘doomsday’ voices and music used I assume most of the population is going to be thinking what a sad situation it is. Instead, I find myself getting angry at the fat people and struggling to keep the swearing in my head. I think it is their responsibility to stay in shape and its pathetic to become like so many Americans have (I like Americans, I just don’t want us Brits picking up their bad habits)

Later in the news there is an obese person complaining about how she felt offended by the Ambulance officers saying they can’t take her because she is too fat. At this I just lose it an start ‘heckling it good’. My mother then says I am insensitive and shouldn’t be angry at that ‘poor woman’.

The point is, that now if I were to ever start putting on the slightest bit of weight I would have all the people who have witnessed my “anti-fatty rage” reminding me how I can’t become fat because it would be hypocritical.

Insulting fat people keeps you thin.

Real lesson:
If you openly voice your negative opinions, you will be under more pressure to not become like the thing you hate.

This can be applied to blogging. For example if you are sick of bloggers doing very averagetop 10 lists you can write a post about it, which will force you to not fall fowl of the same flaw.

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