Why You Should Register Domains Right Now

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Here are 5 scenarios. I guarantee you will fit into one of them

  1. You already make stacks of money and have no real need to make an effort.
  2. You are very busy working on lots of different blogs, things are going ok, but you don’t have time to set up new ones.
  3. You have a make money online blog and thats about it. You don’t want to spend more money without being certain you will get a return.
  4. You have plans to set up a network of blogs but haven’t chosen a topic yet and are still “researching”.
  5. You are lazy.

If none of those are you, you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog (although not everyone who reads BloggingFingers is lazy). Every single one of those scenarios presents good reasons to buy domains.

The fact is domains are a great investment simply because they go up in value all on their own. You only have to have to try and buy aged domains yourself to see that they sell for a premium. This is because search engines trust aged domains more than new ones and so you can gain higher SERPS positions more quickly with an aged domain.

Back In September I wrote 4 Blogging Laws I DoFollow where one of the rules was to always sleep on an idea before spending money. I created this rule because I registered some domains in a moment of excitement only to wake up the next day thinking the ideas for what was going to go on those domains sucked. Looking back however the domains I registered then were pretty solid and are growing to be worth more than I paid for them.

Quick Tips For Registering Domains

I am by no means a professional domainer, but these are some things I have learned:

  • Web 2.0 domains with crazy made up words won’t stay in fashion long and won’t be considered “brandable”. Better to play it safe there.
  • SEO domains with keywords in are always a good choice.
  • Domains with too many words in are spammy
  • After buying the domain, quickly knock together a post and install WordPress, then get a link to the Homepage of your new site from anywhere and submit it to Google Webmaster tools to get it indexed. Having it indexed for a year makes it worth much more than just having been registered for a year.

I’ve registered 5 new domains today with plans to set up a new mini blog network. If you are hesitating I urge you to take action!

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