Invalid Clicks on My Adsense Account
I got an email today from someone who wanted to find a network of 50 people who will intentionally click on each other’s Google Adsense ads.  My first reaction was to email the person back and kindly decline, then let him know that it is against Google’s terms and conditions and wish him good luck.… (0 comment)

Change The Environment for a Boost of Refreshing Content
Just the other day, I decided to spend a few hours writing at the pier.  It was a beautiful day of fresh air, peaceful atmosphere and of course, no internet.  I’ve never been to this part of town, and I was pleasantly surprised by the surrounding and more importantly, what it did for my blog content.… (0 comment)

We Should All Say Thanks to Blog Spammers
Like many of you, I hate spammers because I spend so much time each day cleaning up my comments section to make sure only legitimate comments show up. When I first started blogging, I thought about whether there is a way to eliminate these spammers. After a while though, I realized that thinking about it is… (0 comment)

There is No Rush to Put Advertisements on Our Blogs
Many people add advertisements to their blogs and try to monetize the site as soon as it is up. The time when there are practically no visitors and hence no money to be made. The temptation is obvious. We don’t want to leave money on the table. When we should start adding ads is one… (0 comment)

You could call this a gray hat way to motivate yourself, but it works. I like to think of it as a way to justify rudely voicing your opinion about someone you dislike, while boosting your motivation at the same time. Judge me if you dare! I’ll explain it with a story: I’m sitting at… (0 comment)

Promote Affiliate Products with Well Written Articles
The most important thing to remember when writing articles to promote affiliate products is their purpose. You want the person reading the article to click on the link at the end, go to your website and buy the product. You can write a really great article, but if it doesn’t accomplish this goal, it has… (0 comment)