What To Do When RSS Subscribers Stop Increasing

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You may have noticed that the My Self Blog RSS subscriber numbers have leveled off. A look at the growth chart below show this happened at when I sold My Self Blog for $6000 in Oct/Nov and I became a hired author, rather than owner. Caroline Middlebrook is 100% right when she says that your state of mind effects your blogging. I was blogging in maintence mode.

How To Get Subscribers Increasing Again


What To Do When RSS Subscribers Stop Increasing

I massively appreciate every singly subscriber, but these days you have to offer something really amazing to persuade people subscribe. Whenever I get stuck in a rut or suffer from burnout I do something big to get out of it. After all you can’t wiggle your way out of a rut, you have to JUMP!

Some commonly used methods to increase RSS subscriber numbers are:

  • Put more time into content creation
  • Install a number of plugins that remind people to subscribe
  • Ask readers to subscribe
  • Linking to the feed URL in when leaving blog comments
  • Writing an e-Book and offering it as a subscriber download

I will be taking the most drastic of those options to revitalize My Self Blog. I am writing an e-Book. I will be pouring my total of 13 months of Blogging experience into it.

This My Self Blog e-Book will be:

  • Focused on one of my favorite parts of blogging
  • Very in-depth – for noobies and experts alike
  • Covering a difficult area of blogging, which also makes the biggest difference in earnings
  • 100% free
  • So useful I may buy some bling for my fingers to reward them.

The name and exact topic of the e-Book is a closely guarded secret. Subscribe to the RSS feed and be the first to read it.

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