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Sell annuity payment options

Individuals who wish to sell annuity payment options trust PPI Cash the oldest finance company in the U.S. that specializes in purchasing deferred payment obligations.

Sell annuity payment options

Sell annuity payment options

PPI Cash offers those who wish to sell annuity paymentpayouts, several payment plans, including:

  • Full Payment
  • Partial Payment
  • Shared Payment
  • And Deferred Payment plans
  • Winnings
  • And Structured Settlements

PPI Cash provides direct funding to individuals who want to sell their annuity payment and be free of the restrictions that periodic payments impose. Individuals who want to sell annuity payment may be holding certain types of assets such as:

The coverage for personal property is usually set at around 50 to 75 percent of the dwelling coverage. That would not usually apply to condominium owners. In that case, you will need to select a dollar figure of coverage you require. It is a good idea to obtain coverage that guarantees the replacement of personal items not just the value at the time of damage or loss. If you ever need to make a personal property claim, it is a good idea to offer some proof of your personal belongings. A good way to do this is to use videotape. You can also maintain a file folder of receipts of major purchases and keep a written account of your possessions. Make sure you hold your inventory somewhere other than your residence.

PPI Cash offers flexible and individually tailored custom solutions to meet our client’s specific financial goals. Our focus on outstanding customer service has made us a leader in the finance industry.

Discover how you can sell your annuity payments for cash.

Contact us at or by
phone at 1-800-509-1649 or fill out our online application. You can also request a Free Quote or visit our Required Documents page for more information before making arrangements to sell your annuity payment.

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