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Sell payment disbursements


Lottery winners…sell payment disbursements to PPI Cash and choose between a lump sum payout, a customized payment schedule or a more conservative series of larger-than-average disbursements.

We make it possible for you to sell payment winnings for full, partial or shared payments and be free of the restrictions of time-based payouts.Sell payment disbursements

Sell payment disbursements

Recipients of larger lottery jackpots, who want to sell payment winnings, may be able to receive a lifetime of primarily tax-free income plus we can structure a plan to buy lottery payment installments so that you receive a wealth of substantial tax savings!

Be free of time-based payouts and sell your payment winnings to us. We are the oldest finance company in the U.S. specializing in purchasing deferred payment obligations. Get immediate cash on future installments and let us buy your lottery payment schedule so you can take back control of your money.

Before you even buy a home, you should already have sufficient insurance to prevent financial catastrophe. Make sure you have long term disability insurance through your employer. In smaller companies, or if you are self-employed you may not have this protection. This insurance will replace part of your income if you are disabled. Not to have this coverage is to risk everything should you no longer be able to work.

If your family is dependent upon your income, it is also important you have life insurance.

Term Life insurance is pure insurance protection, and is the best kind for the majority of people. You should buy coverage dependent on how many years worth of income you wish your dependents to have after you are gone.

Most often people sell payment disbursements because they simple cannot afford to wait for the money to be paid out over time or they want to accelerate the traditional 20-25 year payoff schedule of a structured annuity payment.

If you need immediate cash we can buy your lottery payment. To sell payment winnings or to learn more about Prosperity’s options to buy your lottery payment, contact us at or by phone at 1-800-509-1649. You can also request a Free Quoteor visit our Required Documents page for more information.

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