SEO Story: Google Image Search Loves H2 Tags And Directory Links

I have a SEO story to tell here. It involves H2 tags and links from blog directories. It is a story of a niche blog of mine which is now making good money, but it went through some ups and downs along the way.

SEO Story: Google Image Search Loves H2 Tags And Directory Links

This young niche blog of mine was gaining rankings well in Google and receiving steady traffic. It stayed like this for about 2 months, when one day it disappeared from the Google index. I was unsure of the reason, I wasn’t doing anything very naughty.

SEO Story: Google Image Search Loves H2 Tags And Directory LinksI tried writing new content for the blog (it had grown pretty stale) but this only seemed to raise its rankings for 1 day, it quickly disappeared again.

Then I decided to take some more drastic action and add a description to the blog inside some H2 tags. This was not from the WordPress back-end where you add a description to the blog, but actually in the coding of the header itself.

The same day I paid for some directory submissions using Submit Comfort. I’ve never paid for any directory submission before, but it was good value and it seems to have worked.

When Google next re-indexed this niche blog, it gained back some of the old rankings in the main Web search, but more importantly it gained very good rankings in Google Image search, which now sends it 100-300 unique visitors per day. These visitors don’t convert quite as well as those from the Web-search, but they are not bad at all.

If you want to give your niche blog a little push, try adding a description containging some keywords in H2 tags and do some directory submission with Submit Comfort.

SEO really is simple. Bloggers spend far to long reading about the latest theories and not enough time doing the basics that are known to work


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