Social Voting Sites: Should You Really Become A Power User

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There is no doubt that taking advantage of social voting sites such as Digg and Sphinn is a vital part of your successful blogging strategy. However, does this mean you have to become a ‘power user’ on a site to be truly taking full advantage of it?

Social Voting Sites: Should You Really Become A Power User

Social Voting Sites: Should You Really Become A Power User

I know a lot of bloggers who say, “I know… sigh, I should be making more submissions to a social voting site”, but generally they are too lazy or don’t get round to it. They end up submitting perhaps 1 or less URLs each week to that site and have a very weak presence.

This way of doing business seems stupid to me. Either becoming a power user is a part of your strategy and is a necessity, or it isn’t. If it isn’t you shouldn’t be wasting any time making occasional submissions. If you don’t need to become a power user on that site, drop the site.

Social Voting Site Benefits:

Does making sporadic contributions help increase any of these benefits?

  • Brand and reputation strength increased
  • Traffic to your own articles hitting page 1
  • Networking tool to meet other bloggers in the same niche
  • Networking/social climbing tool to trade favours on (at your own risk)

These benefits increase with the amount of time and effort you put into contributing to that site. Reaching the stage where most of your submissions hit page 1 takes by far the most time but once a threshold is reached your reputation on that site starts increasing exponentially. Momentum builds up. Sporadic submissions are pointless because you are not taking advantage of how each submission builds upon the last. You are letting your power blow away in the wind. Networking with power users instead might get you a free ride.

All bloggers have different strengths, weaknesses and resources. It may have been beneficial for certain individuals to become power users, but for you it may not be worth it.

If you have been half-heartedly taking part in a social voting site, I recommend thinking if it is really worth it. You may never cross the power user threshold and you would be just as well off if you didn’t make any submissions at all.

I am trying to encourage commitment and clarity in planning. Drop the baggage, do what is needed. My philosophy is that if you can’t become a power user, network with them. Social Voting Sites: Should You Really Become A Power User.

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