Stopping the Addiction of Stat Checking

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If you check every performance metric of your blog more than 10 times a day, you are just like me, wasting so much of your precious time.

With the advance in server and bandwidth technology over the years, statistics reporting have become much more instantaneous.  I use sitemeter to track stats on one of my blogs and the results are live! Stopping the Addiction of Stat Checking In most measures, this is a great thing but what ends up happening is that I keep logging on and checking to see how the blog is doing, how many visitors there were and where these people were being referred from.  At times, I log on 5-6 times an hour and it is absolutely the worst best time waster (well, at least right behind twitter)!

As I think back, I should spend more time updating my blog and doing something productive for my blog instead of checking those statistics that does nothing but make me even more impatient about my traffic growth.

So starting from today, let’s stop checking your, my, and our stats!

Start Small
Completely kill our addiction right off the bat is very hard, so let’s start small by not checking one full day this week.  In the second week, increase it to two days and finally gradually increase the days so that you are only checking your statistics once a week.

What you can do instead of checking your stats
Here’s a bunch of things you can do to improve your blog instead of wasting your time checking stats:

  •  Write Content
  •  Read other people’s blogs and learn from them
  •  Keep yourself updated on your niche
  •  Update your Blog Design
  •  Add new features
  •  Write down ideas for future blog posts
  •  Write More Content
  •  Comment on other blogs
  •  Network with your fellow bloggers

Does this sound familiar?
Did any of you check your stats constantly but were able to stop yourself from doing so?  What made you change?  We’d love to hear about your experience!

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