What The Top Bloggers Don’t Teach You About Blogging

A lot of bloggers say that blogging is about “the long haul” and they then quote statistics about how a massive xx% percentage of business fail, or how bloggers give up after a few months, or how it generally takes 3 – 5 years for a blog to become successful.

What The Top Bloggers Don’t Teach You About Blogging

This annoys me.

What The Top Bloggers Don’t Teach You About BloggingIf all new bloggers are to believe the best strategy is to write great content day in day out, network, participate in social media sites and all the usual tactics, then how will blogging evolve?

Those tactics are a necessity and practically guarantee success in blogging in 3 – 5 years. What bloggers fail to teach is how to generate new innovative ideas for growing a blog quickly.

The vast majority of bloggers are aware of the essentials and carry them out, but are not taught to think creatively.


I don’t have all the answers, but what I am trying to explain is that top bloggers don’t have them all either. Try taking a break from reading the same blogs. The chances are if you’ve been reading them long enough you have gained all possible knowledge the author has.


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