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Using Google Image Search To Earn $100s In Minutes

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$100 per month is nothing to shout about, but what if I said that bloggers who already have previous posts with images embedded in then could easily increase their monthly earnings by at least $100 in a matter of minutes?

I previously wrote about how Google Images loves H2 Tags and Directory Links. This is becoming more and more true for me every day as my AdSense earnings from niche blogs increase after making just a couple of tweaks to a couple of posts on a couple of blogs and using Submit Comfort to attain blog directory links. The majority of traffic to these niche blogs of mine comes from Google images, which means lots of happy AdSense clickers.

Optimizing Images For Google Image Search

Example of a well optimized image:

<img src=”http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/insert_your_keywords_here.png” class=”centered” alt=”keywords_go_here_again” height=”250″ width=”400″ />

Points To Include:

  • Name the image using the keywords you are aiming it to rank for. I use underscores to separate the words just to ensure Google can read them.
  • Include it in a post optimized for the same keywords
  • Use the keywords again in the alt text
  • define the height and width of the image even if it is the right size for your page already

Some people also recommend adding the “title” attribute, but I did not do this for any of my images and they all rank very well. The links to the post the image is contained in (from my experience) helps the images gain good rankings in the Image search. It does not take many links to gain good rankings in image search because the vast majority of images online are not properly optimized to help Google know what the image is of.

How much traffic does Google Images send you?

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