You may have noticed that the My Self Blog RSS subscriber numbers have leveled off. A look at the growth chart below show this happened at when I sold My Self Blog for $6000 in Oct/Nov and I became a hired author, rather than owner. Caroline Middlebrook is 100% right when she says that your state… (0 comment)

After the initial wave of reactions to the selling of My Best Blog WP Blog, which mostly consisted of a mixture of awe and congratulation, I’ve noticed things in the blogosphere have taken a rather sinister turn. The Great Selling Blogs Debate I read all the comments on every post that has mentioned My Best… (0 comment)

Income Generation From the Internet Do you want to earn extra income without leaving home? Do you want to do it the easy way? Then you may very well earn it directly from the internet, like thousands of other people do! Read on and learn how to start earning without investing any money. You must… (0 comment)

Lots of bloggers like to launch their blog into a the new academic year with a re-design. Three new blog designs I’ve observed recently are John Cow, Blog Storm and Tech Crunch. If you are planning a blog redesign I suggest visiting the links I posted above and observing the comments readers made about the… (0 comment)

What do usability layout and function all have in common? They are all about a blog fulfilling its owners purpose. If that is to make money by adding value to the Internet, then some usability and layout may have to be sacrificed for that funtion to be successful. Core Principles Of Blog Function, Layout And… (0 comment)